Thursday, October 15, 2015

Spread the Wonders of Beauty

I was born in a generation where technology, fashion and music is a standard platform to become acceptable within the circle. The kind of music that I listen to are usually what is trending online. My friends and I spend our time chatting in the social media where we can gasp on the news update easily. I came to live a life where everything is done by just one click in our phones and tablets.


One of the best things that I love with our technological era is I get to do what I love most—making music and ringtones. My parents provided me everything from my basic needs to my wants. I came to explore the beauty of music when I was entering my adolescent stage.


I was fond with R&B and house music where my friends and I usually party a lot with this kind of music. I also became aware of my body image at that stage. I become self-conscious and very detailed when it comes to fashion. I love collecting music and fashion online magazine. I usually browsed them before I went to sleep as long as my eyes weren’t hurting.


One day my friend invited me to attend her upcoming party where we need to dress up on our sexiest attire ever. I was very excited and furious at the same time since I started gaining weight when I entered my young adulthood stage already. I still have one month before the party that is when is started browsing online which can help me lose some of my weight.


I bought this very gorgeous lacy black dress that perfectly fit with my lean and curvy body. My friends was very amazed on how I look very exceptional with my new figure and keep on asking me about my secret.

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